You should never keep any confidential configuration information in an application configuration file. This include injecting sensitive information via web transformation files. Adding sensitive values via the AppService settings is not ideal either.

In all these cases you may leak sensitive information. For example via your source control. Or anyone with access to your subscription could get those secrets.

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In our industry we have gotten used to an exponential rate of development and progress. The Azure family is no different and it’s easy to get lost. In this article we’re going to go through the basics of managing Azure via Powershell.

Azure PowerShell vs. AzureRM Powershell

Microsoft Azure PowerShell Module is the first version Microsoft released. It’s based on the old management portal and uses their terminology. Azure Powershell before 1.0 used these modules. Going forward Azure Resource Manager (ARM) technology is the common basis. Both the new portal and Azure Powershell v1.0+ use ARM. I recommend focussing on AzureRM modules wherever possible.

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